Somewhere in the nineties I saw an article about the Triking.

Later I found that a guy in Delft, 15 km from my town, acted as importer.

I made an appointment with the guy, Reinier Boekelman, had a chat and was invited for a drive..... Great, but the price was out of reach for me at the time.

Then I read about the JZR and in 2002 decided to buy a kit from John Ziemba.

Thought from pictures that drivers made the impression to be sitting on top of it, rather then in it, so I decided to raise the rear side of the front top body with 5 cm.

Looking at the Triking, with a separate bonnet, I made this for the JZR too.

JZR Guzzi1

For more and larger pictures please see the Album

From an article in a Dutch magazine, I found out that a guy called Loek Bakhuizen, living even closer to my town than Mr Boekelman, had imported five JZR's a few years before. He did this together with Mr Boekelman. He even had managed to obtain a Dutch Type Approval for it at considerable costs. This approval lasted for a year and then the law was changed....


One of the new kit owners was very good at metal working and made the narrow frontwheels, different hubs and disks. This explains why it seems that all Dutch JZR's have these wheels. I copied this idea on all my JZR's, except one!

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